St Thomas Aquinas 


Life Nights





1/26     Fullness of Time

2/2     Superbowl party

2/9     Word of mouth

2/16    Catholic fight Club

2/23    The family bible

3/2      Spring retreat; No LN

3/9      Lent 

3/16     Vacation Bible school

3/23    Divine music

3/30    Tweeting Jesus

4/6     Spring break; No LN

4/13    TBD

4/20    Easter; No LN

4/27    SYTYCD

5/4     Rising 9th grade LN

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The school year is coming to an end soon, but Life Teen keeps on trucking. Here are a few dates to be aware of:

Current and future TAs- May 4, 4:00 in my office

If you currently are or are interested in becoming a Teen Apostle this is for you. We will discuss next year's TA ministry as well as this summer's Jr Sr Retreat.

Senior Dinner - May 18 after the 5:30 Mass

If you are a graduating senior please join us. 
It's free for you and your immediate family. 
RSVP to the Re office at 770 475 4508.

Jr Sr Retreat - June 5-8 at the Jackson Lake House

If you are a rising junior or senior and/or interested in becoming a Teen Apostle join us for a 4 day retreat unlike any other Life Teen Retreat. For more information, attend the meeting on May 4. Forms are available at the link up top. the cost is $90

Steubenville Atlanta - July 11-13 at the Gwinnett Arena

Open to all rising high school students. For information contact Kristin Trzaska

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